Monday, 22 February 2016

Missing AO Pt. IV.iii: Patrick Vasori's Keyboards Music, Vol. 44 from 1982

A pleasant pink this time...  the graphic artists must have been happy with this series.

Recall that Patrick Vasori was the son of composer/arranger/conductor Claude, who was usually called Caravelli on the AO releases.  It was the young'un who composed my favourite AO track ever, Dany's Love Song, from Vol. 31.

Taking a quick glance at his discography it seems he made mostly AO music, appearing in the volumes 16 (a good one), 40, this 44, and the last one ever which appropriately was no. 69 (to come soon).  After this he made another library record called Tie-Break in 1987.  If anyone has a copy please upload it though as I wouldn't mind completing the collection for Patrick.

On this particular record we have all-electronic music, not influenced yet by the 'minimal synth' style that was soon to destroy any proficiency in composition held over from the seventies, and thus, overall, quite a listenable opus, similar overall to the Teddy Lasry albums from later years.

Consider the track called "Connexion:"

For evidence in favour of his progressive compositional skills consider the track called "Fight" which yet again, is indebted to the great Stravinsky's Rite of Spring polytonality:

It's unfortunate that track couldn't have gone on longer, though, overall, this is quite a long album comparably speaking, and by that I mean of course that it actually hits the 38 minute mark.

So I'll let you explore the rest of the tracks...


  1. mp3:

  2. For all you lossless lovers out there:

  3. Thank you! Another one of the AO I haven't heard and really looking forward to!

  4. Shades of his Dad in there I think. Thank you Julian, brilliant share.

  5. Hello Julian
    Just a general comment. I have spent the last few days going through your blog. Amazing is one word that springs to mind! Thanks for all your hard work. Clive from South Africa