Sunday, 21 February 2016

Some requested library records: Flash Resonances Light Breeze, Atmospheres, World Explorers, Charlotte Detective, Kaleidoscope, Space Resonances, Nostalgic etc.

Cecil Wary's Pop Incidence is one of the best in this series for the prog lover.  I definitely don't have all of them, at some point I should ascertain which are needed and should be ripped.  All the albums above though are well worth hearing, having at least a few good tracks.  Composer Pierre Porte was stunningly prolific in this era, anyone know anything about his stuff?

And aren't those cover photos for Flash Resonance amazing? When I see the shutterstock photographs advertised I'm so saddened by the huge difference in quality from those days.


  1. Light Breeze:


    World Explorers:

    Charlotte Detective:


    Space Resonances (my fave):

    Cecil Wary Pop Incidence (early masterpiece of prog):

    Serge Bulot's Sanctuaire D' ecole (his library masterpiece):

    Michel Moulinie's Chrysalide (masterpiece of prog):

    Pierre Porte's Nostalgic:

    The Great Hawkshaw's The Road Forward (masterpiece of prog):

    I've always felt that in this album, the track Mystique Voyage is stolen from the famous american prog group Happy the Man's Starborne track... which came out in 1977: check out the similarity!

  2. Wow thank you for this post! Some i've heard, many i haven't… looking forward!

  3. please enjoy them and thanks to the guys who originally ripped them (not me)

  4. Tremendous music, Julian. Many thanks for all you do.

  5. Pure Gold bro! Thank you so much Julian, this is wonderful...a real treasure-room! Got Space Resonances on right now...soo good...and you're spot on about Mystique Voyage and Starborne! ha ha ha
    Excellent my friend, so many good vibrations, Thanks again :)

  6. Great stuff, Julian. Thanks again!

  7. thanks for this wonderful post i brought the chrysalide lp when it came out for 10 dollars havent heard it since thanks for the share julian

  8. Made this a couple years ago off Alan Hawkshaw's A Man Alone.....

  9. mention should also be made of the following posted by the amazing pornotrond here, recently: