Monday, 15 February 2016

Kari Pöyry's all too brief "My Star" EP from Finland 1980

Another gift of our long lost friend...

"Single track, one-sided promo 12'' single / EP-- This is the only release Kari Pöyry did, we all can ask - WHY!"

Full information has been nonetheless included in the database here...

This is a simply gorgeous piece of composed music with an acoustic guitar intro that builds up in intensity to a more chamber-like exposition of dark melodies and strange chords, expressing the love of the artist for his wife or girlfriend in the most tender way.  Really lovely as a post-valentine piece of music.

Note the presence of famed Finnish conductor Saraste who also arranged the strings (and whose career stretches all the way to the present day without interruption, a rarity for us to see here) and the fusionary prog-famous Nono Söderberg whose album "Nono" everyone here should already be familiar with.


  1. Many many thanks again for your wonderful taste in music...

  2. great, many thanks my friend!

  3. hi buddy, i am ok, thanks, hope the same for you! (mr H.m. if I understood well?)