Wednesday, 10 February 2016

April Orchestra Part III: from 10 to 30, with many missing [1975-1979]

After the Volume 10 in which poor Renaissance man Rameau was trotted out for some unfathomable reason, French conductor Caravelli (aka Claude Vasori) was brought in for some really easy listening in Volumes 11 and 12, which are yet unavailable.  A more promising set appears in Volume 13 with some very entertaining compositions by Christian Chevallier (who created with A. Feanch one of my favourite library albums ever in Space Resonances), consider for ex, his Prelude pour un Balladin:

Volume 14 presents "baroque by swingle" and sounds so unappealing I am thankful it makes no appearance here.  Volume 15 steals tracks from the progressively famous Lard Free of Gilbert Altman (extracts from both their 1973 and 1975 albums).  The team of Caravelli and son Patrick Vasori who composed quite a bit in later editions, appear with some great mood music in Volume 16.

And then of course our poorly helmed boat suddenly capsizes for Volumes 17-19 with the sound of Philly.  The ship recovers-- somewhat-- with Volume 20 in which Shylock's two albums, fabulous complex French prog masterpieces, are ripped off, along with cathedral organ compositions by another library alumnus, Michel Magne.  In fact the subsequent Vol. 21 devoted to Magne's orchestral music was already ripped for prognotfrog 4 long years ago now.

An odd turn to Spanish guitar music with Manolo Sanlucar is featured in Vol. 22 before the bottom completely drops out of the franchise, as Volumes 23 to 30 are devoted almost entirely to orchestral modern music from Czechoslovakia-- with the exception of Vol. 28, also posted in pnf long ago, with its amazing fusion from Jiri Stivin's Zodiac masterpiece and Klapka's Mahagon, as well as a big band called Konstelace Josefa Vobruby.  (Everyone should have that first mentioned.)

Now I love good modern classical music as much as any tweed-pantsed food-stained sweatshirt-wearing old man who goes to the local symphony hall purely to drink those tiny free one-ounce 2% milk containers next to the coffee machine, but the music in the volume that is available, namely 25, is not even well-written and was impossible for me to slog through even with pants pulled up above my belly button.  Have a listen, if you dare.  But I beg you not to request those.

So, available currently are the following: 13, 15, 16, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 25, and 28.


  1. April Orchestra 13

    April Orchestra 15 (Lard Free)

    April Orchestra 16 (Caravelli et Vasori)

    April Orchestra 18 (Sound of Philly)

    April Orchestra 19 (Sound of Philly)

    April Orchestra 20 (Shylock et M. Magne)

    April Orchestra 21 (Michel Magne)

    April Orchestra 22 (Manolo Sanlucar) [Seemingly also ripped in mono unfortunately]

    April Orchestra 25 (Classical Czech)

    April Orchestra 28 (the great Jiri Stivin et al.)

    Thanks to all original rippers...

  2. WOW - you made my day (or week, or month) - thank you!

  3. Really fantastic library music.. Thank you for filling those April Orchestra gaps I've had for so long.