Sunday, 15 May 2016

Achim Kück And Friends's Scurrility from 1982

A wild-ass swingiform fusionish neo-big-band-bop über-Deutsch (take that, trendy colloquialism!) outpouring of viscous magma-- though with sometimes inchoate ideas not quite fully fleshed out to clarity on this utterly-unknown release.  Beautiful cover art, as almost-usual, for this blog.  Here's the title track for a sample of the music:

Note that the discography of Achim Kück, keyboardist, bandleader and composer, is quite surprisingly short here.  Of course, this group of friends also only made one LP.  Not all the credits were posted but you can have a look at the back scan I did-- note the improvement over the digital camera from before with the dreadful glare of my mirrored face-- to see anything you'd like, even microscopic details thanks to the huge machine my wife bought that now occupies two-thirds of my study room's space.  Can't wait for those 3-D printers with their spewing plastics and volatile chemicals to poison it too.