Friday, 13 May 2016

C. B. Busser's Warship-Suite Concept Album [1980] at last...

I mentioned this before in connection with his album Movies, and presented a mono recording at that time, two years ago.  Finally now we have here a suitable rip to enjoy.  As you can see above I again made the verso large so you can read a bit of the story line.  Naturally it's quite amusing.  The beginning:

"The story took place in the year 3000.  Humanity colonized the earth for the second time.  Different surroundings -- different faces -- different problems.  But one aspect stays the same: War!
--Stormy sea / amongst others we see King Solgan, master of North-Sambronia (formerly Spain) / Our ship is heading for our home par [sic], lade with loot and riches... "

But the music is well-composed progressive of the highest calibre, with parts recalling Fripp's King Crimson atonal crescendo material, the use of mellotron achieving a very majestic overall sound, the purely instrumental pieces building beautifully in waves of emotional sound.  This is the intro, with its symphonic statement of themes that would later be explored further:

Scant information here.



  2. Terrific - I must have listened to this four times this morning! Haven't enjoyed a posting so thoroughly since the April Orchestra stuff. Thank you so much!

    1. yes, it's classic progressive rock, and hugely enjoyable-- definitely a lost classic but sadly, the only really progressive work he did.
      Movies doesn't quite aspire to the same heights.

  3. Cosmic Capn! I'm flying High in this Warship so sweet!
    Awesome upgrade, really brings it to life and lets it shine,
    I can't thank you enough!
    And that equally impressive Bob Bath Band :)
    Thank you bro, one-one-wonderful!
    Spring is singing
    New creations bloom

    1. so nice to hear from you again bro
      yes, spring is finally back!