Monday, 30 May 2016

Ernie Krivda's 1978 The Alchemist, plus Bonus Satanic

Once again a one-off fusion experiment from that golden year of 1978 by an American saxophonist called Ernie Krivda, born 6 February 1945 in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.  A clear progressive influence emerges in the title track which appears as intro to the work, with a mysterious sounding soprano sax playing fourth intervals over a whole tone enamoured piano (Gil Goldstein) with an oddly played tuba (?) performing bass duties:

Subsequently the tracks become more straightforwardly modal or post-bop, a Brazilian-like number appears at A2, while some Eastern European folk elements show up in Tzigine (recalling our great Bulgarian find Vesselin Nikolov) and the subsequent brilliant Danse Macabre.

Not bad though.

Note that his previous effort with the wonderful name of Satanic is not quite as successful, being dominantly modal jazz.  But check his classical composition skills on the music box track:

Also to be found down below.


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  2. Dammit Jim - I'm an alchemist, not a satanist!
    Or is he trying to say he's a satanic alchemist?
    Either way I'm intrigued!
    Alright Uncle Ernie let's sample your concoctions...
    ...Thanks again my brother!

  3. Bob Moses & Eddie Gomez nice find, thanks Julian

  4. Haven't heard this one since back in the day - many thanks!

  5. Damn ! :-D
    Can you re-upload this ? Sound damned good, I didn't know this musician !
    Thanx anyway :-)
    Greetings from Italy

  6. new upload (of both albums)