Wednesday, 11 May 2016

Maru & Mikael ‎– Destination Nowhere from 1975 [lossless]

Pop about as beautiful as it gets here.
A brand new rip from my dear friend to share here.
I could get lost in the beautiful artwork on front and back for days, like the Stendhal effect.

Maru is Marianne Nyman (born 1954, thus a very youthful 21 on this LP); notice she is credited with backup vocals on the 1977 Kalevala album I posted long ago.  Her subsequent output looks like it's all over the map with disco, schlager, and country-rock.  Mikael is Mikael Wiik and he shows up next in Heikki Sarmanto's wonderful Open Ear album I posted once too.  Despite the post-history of these two, nothing can prepare you for the magic of this album if you haven't heard it before.  A kind of electric folk, like classic Jefferson Airplane, plays under some utterly gorgeous three-part harmonies on the part of Maru.  Consider the track about a hooker/stripper called Too Fast to Last with its really ingenious chord changes, and three-quarters rhythm evoking a too-rapid dance:

Should've been a hit, again!


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  2. For me, listening to this is the next best thing to having a time machine, if you know what I mean. Thanks Julian.

    1. I totally understand what you mean!!

  3. Julian do you have some information about this singer? I'm looking informations on the internet and I can't find anything. If she's still singing, if she have some social network or if she published more albums. She's was very pretty and this album is superb.