Saturday, 21 May 2016

More Tom Letizia: Digital Dance, from 1983 [+ lossless]

I guess I was wrong that they didn't have more recordings, this came out a couple of years later.  The same style of advanced eighties slight fuzak material but totally lacking in cliches and conventional chord changes; entirely instrumental and guitar-based.  It does remind me a lot of the old American fusion guitar master Tony Palkovic who also made two, very recommended albums.  Also similar of course are Tony Dupuis, Mike Warren and Survival Kit, Mike Santiago, etc.

Here's the first and title track:

Luckily, no standards here, all compositions by Tom Letizia.  Notice the blurb on the back written by him:

Music is a mirror of the soul, your music is you.
It can be a sublime prayer honoring  your life, your origin, your goals, and God, or...
It can be a worthless ridicule of everything you are.
Years ago, wild animals, savages and disease destroyed men.
Today in our plentiful society men are destroyed from within.
Even if no one has taught you, learn to value the things that make a good human being.
Integrity, love, faith, effort, discipline, humor, creativity, and intelligence make your music sublime.

This album includes several styles of jazz, rhythm and blues, and rock.
Each original composition was designed to be listened to and enjoyed by both musician and non-musician, while not being simplistic and commercial or illogically avant-garde or atonal.  Translation: if you like music-- buy this album.

I love it.  Perhaps someone can twitter that blurb to president-to-be Donald and get a good quote?


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