Monday, 15 May 2017

Back to Towson State College Jazz with the 1979 series

The series which included the so far reviewed 75, 77, 78 and 80 proved surprisingly popular for readers of this blog.  So when I saw a copy of 79 for sale I bought it pronto.  For me the last one, 1980's mostly fusion outpouring, was the best instalment of this franchise.  (Although my favourite single composition / track to listen to is still the Canadian college band's Jacobs Tailor.)  Here you can see that there are still 82, 85, 86, and in the CD era, 1991, 1996, and a CD from 2001.  Note that Hank Levy himself passed away at the relatively young age of 73 in that last year.

It's a mixed bag again, with some standards that really nauseate me (I Remember You), but some original compositions that are quite delightful, with the energetic closer (Hank Levy's Whiplash) a particular highlight:



    1. plus new up of towson 78 (link was dead)

  2. Turns out my university had some releases back in the day. Thought you'd might be interested in a review, maybe it's some high caliber jazz.

    Thanks again for this one.

  3. Hi Julian, digging down into these and really enjoying, thanks a lot! If I can return the favour at all on the big band tip, you might enjoy my rip of Peter Herbolzheimer's - "Live Im Onkel Pö" (1975) :

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