Monday, 29 May 2017

Irene Becker and Pierre Dorge in Hos Anna 1978 and 1979


I would really appreciate it if someone out there could translate the cartoon featured on the inside
gatefold of the last album just above.

The band's discography here, and now here in this post, missing the Live album from 1980.

I already shared the first album in connection with Irene Becker's involvement in the Thermaenius-like Canoe album.  That's her in the group photo in the middle of the above scans, with the glasses.  You can see that starting with a very nice all-female quartet lineup on the first album a couple of guys were allowed into the inner sanctum, if you know what I mean; guitarist Pierre Dorge being one of the two lucky ones.  The other is the interesting multi-instrumentalist Bent Clausen, brother of Thomas Clausen.  Did I once post his album Mirror?  I think so, now so long ago.  Bent played in Dr. Dopo Jam as well as Iron Office.

On the first ST I really enjoyed the track called Modløs, written by Lotte Rømer.  In keeping with the times there's a nice mix of progressive turns here and there in the otherwise straight up pop songwriting.  Of course, we're not talking about Pepe Paradise style creativity here, but who could ever equal their skills?

On the 2nd album with its impossibly typical of the 70s cover (the lettering as well as the redhair on the doll are in relief and embroidered) the first track of the second side features again some nice twists and turns in imaginative musical penwomanship (by our power couple Irene Becker and Pierre Dørge):

A beautifully done whole-band a cappella song closes it out.

The Third album continues along the same vein, some more sophistication is apparent, starting with the title track:

I should mention that the principal vocalist, with the beautiful crystalline voice, is Lotte Rømer who formed her own band subsequently, presumably as Dorge and Becker ran off together in the jazz direction.

In fact, the last track on the third album clearly foreshadows the direction they would go in with their Thermaenius:

So, enough enjoyable material here all in all to keep us occupied for a nice week.  Sorry, did I say week? I meant an hour, or maybe half that, the way we roll...


  1. Hos Anna 1976

    Hos Anna 1978

    Hos Anna 1979

  2. check the comments for a recent note from John Grey from First Light:

  3. Hey Julian.Translations,somewhat close :)
    Oh-Too many traps,when it is really important.
    Oh-Too many cars with parents and kids who never smile.
    Oh-Way too few child care spaces and to many bank towers.
    Oh-There are too may screaming kids who makes the ground shake.
    Oh-They save at the wrong things and too expensive with what the military eats their tables.
    Oh-Music is our weapon against the cold,hate and the yelling generals.
    Something along those lines.
    Red Rock -socialism in high gear.Denmark in 70ies there was a lot of that.

  4. They are basically the lyrics to title track,now I noticed ,as I am listening along.

  5. It is danish rhymes so its maybe a little silly translated :)

    Side 1

    There are so many traps
    Especially when I really counts

    There are so many cars
    With people and children who never smiles

    There are missing daycare places
    And there are too many big bank-palaces

    Side 2

    There are so many kids
    That screams so it reverberates

    There are being saved the wrong places
    And it is too expensive when the military drinks and eats

    The music Is our weapon
    Against cold and hate and generals yelling

  6. There are so many traps
    Especially when IT really counts

  7. thanks to both of you.
    Of course, the lyrics are quite silly when written like this, but sadly they describe my city perfectly today, of course, not much has changed

  8. Just saw someone else's translation, so here is mine:
    Verse 1:

    Oh - there are so many traps
    Especially when things are getting really serious

    Verse 2:
    Oh - there are so many cars
    With people and children that never smile

    Verse 3:
    Oh - we're missing places for children
    and what we have are too many big bank-palaces

    Verse 4:
    Oh - there are so many kids
    that scream and holler

    Verse 5:
    Oh - they save money in the wrong places
    and it is so expensive when the military indulges in drinks and food

    Verse 6:
    Oh - music is our weapon
    against the cold and the hatred and the yelling of the generals

    So altogether romantic stuff from the past (that we love so much). Does it stand the test of time - no certainly not - things are much worse today, and music is no longer a weapon.

  9. Oh btw: I would never have thought that I would be finding such treasures from my youth online. I do not remember if they are good, so I am getting quite sentimental seeing them here - and thankful also.