Saturday, 27 May 2017

Claudio Tallino's Preludio 1981


Here's a first, no covers to be displayed.  Anyone have any ideas?

Some really stunning Italian library of the highest calibre coming out of a plain orange sleeve-- who but the experts would've known?  It has one marring quality which is a bit of imbalance in the mix of starring instruments of the orchestra as you'll notice if you listen carefully.  But in a way that's a minor quibble for such a great set of music.

There isn't much to his discography, unfortunately, but he did make a great OST called Calamo which is well worth seeking out with its mix of fusion and soundtracky orchestral.  Sparse information on this one, from 1981, here.

Tracklist and examples:

A1 Solitudine 2:50

A2 Incontro 2:13
A3 Alba 2:30
A4 Preparazione E Marcia 3:20
A5 Tensione 2:13
A6 Elegia 2:20
A7 Abbandono 1:20

B1 Preludio Oggi 3:40

B2 Preludio Con Archi 2:44
B3 Dialogo 1:10
B4 Rito Pagano 4:29
B5 Piccola Suite 7:02

A heartachingly pessimistic, melancholy mood that pervades, with almost everything written in minor keys.  Only one throwaway track (the Pagan Rite) which is saying a lot for this kind of sight unseen library, although I was quite underwhelmed by the finishing suite / fugue.

Thanks to all those library masters of the past...



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