Saturday, 13 May 2017

Dørge/Becker/Carlsen Feat. Marilyn Mazur in 1986's Canoe, by request

Set aside the sheer ridiculousness of the throwaway cover shot, wherein each artist appears either bored or stoned, or wishing to be, here's a request that turned out to be quite pleasantly enjoyable, information here.

The trio made another album the next year, Irene Becker keyboardist is third from left, Marilyn percussionist second from left, with the other gentleman Morten Carlsen (on saxes) on the right, and Dorge on the left.  This last artist, the guitarist, was the brains behind Thermaenius, recall.  And to be honest the music on this LP is very similar, instrumental fusion with some very intricate smooth jazz sounds, full of dreamy interludes of high-flying sax and electric guitar interplay above sustained synth chords.  Note the bio of that band on discogs:

Danish Fusion jazz band active late 1970's to early 1980's lead by Pierre Dørge. Since Thermænius folded, Dørge, Irene Becker and Morten Carlsen have continued playing together. First as Dørge/Becker/Carlsen and later with Becker and Carlsen as members of Dørge's New Jungle Orchestra that was formed after Thermænius, and the three of them continously performs as a trio.

Irene Becker was in a rock group (with Dorge on some albums) in the seventies, called Hos Anna, as you can see here.  Those lost albums are incredibly hard to find, although cheap as dirt, anyone know anything at all about the style, if it's simple pop or what?  That they are not logged in rateyourmusic, the master class for connoisseurs, is always a bad sign of course.

Sky of July, a Becker composition, is typical of the style:

Perhaps we can call this the next, or last, Thermænius album.



    Here's the first Irene Becker Hos Anna album which turned out to be not bad at all:

  2. Thank you Julian, very much appreciated

  3. Julian,I can't remember if I asked about this already.
    Klaus Cornell, Open Music Group‎– Circle Of Dreams

    1. yes, and I have it still in my wantlist / searchlist