Wednesday, 17 May 2017

Jayar's Foreign Soil from 1980

Here's a highly in demand rare release from the US, by artist Jayar, called Foreign Soil.  On the back the following blurb:

"The heavens call to you and circle around you, displaying to you their eternal splendors, and your eye gazes only to earth."


Poor Dante, how many google searches does he earn today compared to Kendall Jenner?

The style is squarely in the late seventies American style of AOR, think Styx around their "Come Sail Away / Suite Madame Blue" period but a little less nuanced and/or bombastic (can something be both of those at the same time?).

One Turn Left is the only progressive instrumental, not written by Jayar:

Unfortunately as such it's not representative of the remainder here.



  2. no words to say thank you, giving the chance to hear warmest appreciations!!!

  3. Wowie zowie!
    Blast off on Rocket #9 into sweet guilty-pleasure-prog-oblivion!!
    This is hugely great!! - one shudders to think if he had paired up with Jimmy Hotz from beyond the crystal sea?!? 1980 would have cracked open like an egg and we might be in a more enjoyable version of reality ha ha, than this charisma-lacking, back-alley, low-budget "reality" right now...ahh, perchance to dream...
    Right off the bat this guy reminded me of the vocalist from the superb 1979 gem 'Loneliness' by Drama, from Canada...
    (if this is Lp was from the US, maybe that explains the 'Foreign Soil' title??)...hmmm...anyway,
    got a deep love for cosmic lost-wanderer stuff like this,
    keeps the soul light and the mind engaged in higher pursuits!
    Many many thanks bro, so good!