Saturday, 21 April 2018

Czech composer Henryk Debich: 3 albums

I came across this artist in connection with 'research' on the previous Mladen Franko, and two of his releases looked quite promising.  Unfortunately he did recycle a couple of tracks from the first, String Beat, on to the second.  Note the brief review on discogs for the former:

Well deserving of its 5 star rating. Without a doubt the best Polish funk / jazz LP. It's a shame that Henryk Debich didn't produce more in this style. Standout tracks are "Bez Metalu", "Standard In B", "Bądź Wieczorem W Dyskotece", "Na Opak", in fact pretty much the entire LP.

The second album here bizarrely and unfortunately was only released on cassette, but as you know, this is not a problem for us here on this blog with our ultimate capacities for unearthing the rarest of gems from oblivion.  It doesn't appear under the same artist, due to I guess a deficiency in the database with regards to the slavic languages we've seen before with respect especially to Russian artists.
In my own personal opinion both albums are masterpieces of the mid-seventies library funk-fusion genre and really deserve more interest.  Consider the second track from the 1978 cassette, which could stand with the best of the well-known library composers (Amfora, by one Malinowski):

From the former record, consider the track A3 called Gry:

A wonderful combination of soundtrack excitement, atmospheric darkness, and that great, incomparable 70s funk sound, I think you'll agree.  This is by Zylis, who contributed some absolutely fantastic tracks to one of my all-time favourite library records, Documentary Sequences.


  1. String Beat


    Pr Tv in Love (bonus), some pretty good easy listening along the lines of old April Orchestra:

  2. Thanks Julian, have always loved "String Beat", so looking forward to the 2nd one

  3. Thanks Julian. Do you happen to have any of the Whole Earth Rainbow Band's LPs?