Saturday, 28 April 2018

Jose Pedro Beledo in Escape 1985

This is a wonderful, absolutely delightful unknown mixture of Spinetta Jade-type lush latin pop-fusion with inventive, rich chord changes in a tropically sweet exciting package, and the progressive American style of intellectual electric guitar that we've heard before from the likes of Rick Bishop or Scott Goudeau from these pages.  There is a nice bio online which briefly mentions this album, as well as a second called El Cefiro, which, obviously, needs to be now found, but little on discogs.

The first track demonstrates the awesome professionalism and inventive songwriting:

Fantastic and unknown find.  Thank you again...



  2. Thanks Julian, I really like this album. For some reason it reminds me of the Anima "Songs" album from 1982 with some Allan Holdsworth harmonics mixed in for good measure.

  3. Thank you Julian for this extremely rare gem.

  4. At a loss for words....

    Volcanoes, floods, earthquakes and GIFTS!

  5. Amazing!!! Really amaizing album!!!! Many thanks!!!!
    Julian, you're the great magician of music education!!!
    Your blog for me is a wonderful discovery)))