Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Library Artist Mladen Franko, 13 LPs

I didn't bother this time to put the album covers in order, especially with the added problem that the database doesn't provide years of release for quite a few of them.  Who cares, when we have 13 records to digest, some of which are quite forgettable.

The 1980 Sonoton album called Contemporary Sounds Vol. 2 (the Vol. 1 is a different composer, Danny Burdson) features some really stunning advanced composition, for ex. the track called Atoll:

In that same annus mirabilis, the 2 albums called Amazing Space feature the best sounding library funk-fusion you could hope to hear, approaching the great Puccio Roelens, the opener of the first volume called Sound Safari:

But don't waste too much of your time on the remainder, most of these are completely pedestrian.


  1. Sound Service 1 (with the famed German guitarist Sigi Schwab)

    Reflective Moods

    Midnight Dreams


    Sound Music Album 34

    Over the Rainbow

    Just Beautiful

    Summer Serenade

    Contemporary Sounds Vol. 2

    Amazing Space Vol. 1

    Amazing Space Vol. 2

    Magic Woods



    anyone is welcome to post some I missed that might be worth hearing down here

  2. Many thanks as usual, Julian, for this convenient package. Even if 50% of library music is merely a money shot there are so many treasures to find here. Let's see what Mr. Franko has to offer.