Wednesday, 25 April 2018

Jun Fukamachi plays on the completely unknown cassette Daisy Chain, from 1983, recommended

A famous keyboardist who was also quite prolific in the era, and a lost and unknown cassette... is it like having heaven on a stick? On several tracks you will notice he achieves an impressive Jasper van t'hof-like complex meld of fusion and synthesizer melodiousness in perfect harmony.  He seems to be playing on multiple keyboards (overdubbed) with the occasional guitar accompaniment, occasionally solo, and on some tracks including rhythm section, but the result is quite enticingly full and appreciably fusion. 

As far as I can tell this wasn't released to LP, nor does it appear in the list of his releases.  What luck to have it unearthed by our wonderful musical miners...

Will these old wonders never cease?

I'll include all the other Fukamachi albums that I have on file, there are I think 20 in total, three separate files to download for limited time only. 

Albums are the following: 1975 Rokyu, 1975 Introducing, 1976 Spiral Steps, 1976 Fukamachi at Steinway (possibly incomplete), 1977 Triangle session, 1977 Sgt. Peppers, 1977 Sea of Dirac, 1977 Second Phase, 1978 Tokyo Fusion Night, 1978 On the Move, 1978 New York all stars live, 1978 Dream of Heike, 1978 Evening Star, 1980 Quark, 1982 Synth Fantasy, 1982 Solo Vol. 1, 1982 The Keep - DG, 1983 The Keep - Rockin, 1985 Alien, 1986 Nicole.

Pay attention to the 1978 Dream album, it's masterful, and probably his best work.


  1. 1983 Daisy Chain:

    File one

    File two

    File three

    Actually I'll hold back some more for later consumption-- some that are hopefully rare enough you don't have them already... And thanks for the info on Jerzy Milian CD releases Simon. Here are 3 more from him (Bazaar, Ashkhabad Girl, and Neuroimpressions):

    1. three files of fukamachi:

  2. Thank you very much for sharing this extensive collection!!! Excellent job!!

  3. Thanks for that great discovery,you totally rock!

  4. Thank you for this great album. Could you please update the collection links. Sadly, i'm already too late ....

  5. Hi Julian, do you know this Pro-Use series Introducing Shuichi "Ponta" Murakami, Toshiba LF-91017 (Jun is 91007), mostly percussion but lots of keys? Probably Jun's work, because he is the composer and arranger. Sounds great.

  6. amazing! and what a collection, please please please make a new upload

  7. Terrific listening experience ! And what a player and composer Mr Fukamachi was.
    Nice guitar playing too (especially acoustic !).
    Love the old school drum sounds on "Edge trigger"
    If someone could just explain me the drum break on the 2nd track at 04:36 ?! XD

    Thank you very much for sharing Julian !