Monday, 30 April 2018

Kubist Tier: 20th Letter of the Alphabet -- RIO (USA, 1986)

Looking at the song titles in the image just above or here on the release page for discogs we can tell we're dealing with something interesting, especially in conjunction with the oddball artist name and album title.  20th letter? not 27th?  Many thanks again to my friends for bringing these crazy finds that are still apparently out there waiting to be brought to light and sound.

Quite a bit like the angular off-fusion of Strangeness Beauty or Free Funk Trio from these pages before, we have all instrumental wacky RIO/jazz, perhaps more the former than the latter, with compositions by collective but preferentially from the rhythm pair of drummer Danny Frankel and bassist Darryl Tewes.  You can see the latter went on to create other apparently one-off bands with the creative names of Acre Foot, Page Eight, and The Dark Bob, all the way forth on the fourth dimension up to the year 2014.

Dirk's definitely on the Needle for track A2:

Many thanks again to the dear friends who find these gems.


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    1. thank tou VERY much for all... link is dead, could you please please re-up?

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  2. Hi, Julian, thanks for the good music! Personal request: do you have an album Muster-Burger (1982) of the German band Epidermis?

  3. Thanks Julian!! Interesting indeed!