Wednesday, 2 May 2018

7 Akira Ishikawa and Count Buffalos albums

First track off African Rock, called Prayer:

A brief bio of him:

Japanese jazz drummer, session drummer. Born in Kanagawa Yokosuka. November 10, 1934 - February 10, 2002.
He joined Shin Matsumoto and New Pacific on drums. This was his musician debut.
After that he travels across the band with Akira Miyazawa Modern Allstars, Toshio Hosaka and Emanaries.  Later he became active as Toshiyuki Miyama and New Hard drummer.
After that he joined the Count Four and he formed a band with the session members at that time called Akira Ishikawa And The Gentures (meaning local people gathering). This was his band leader group. This was the band that became the base of Akira Ishikawa & Count Buffaloes.

You can see under his own name a ton of releases, none of which I'm familiar with.  Anyone know anything about those, regarding quality?  Then, in the famous group complete with buffalos, another excessively prolific series.  Again, suggestions of high quality fusion/progressive in there are quite welcome.

For myself this is standard funk-fusion with not too much to hang on to, for the most part, very professionally done, but lacking in composing originality.  The later albums seem to veer dangerously into elevator muzak and feature far too many cover songs for my taste.  On the other hand the earlier ones are so indebted to percussive African rhythms they forget to change chords or even provide a melody to sustain us through a half side's music.


  1. 1970 Electrum

    1971 African Rock

    1972 Uganda

    1973 Tsugaru Jongara Bushi - Drum & Tsugaru Jamisen

    1975 Get Up!

    1976 Okinawa

    2007? Memories of Africa

  2. Thanks so much you filled the holes in my Akira collection.