Friday, 18 May 2018

More Jun with Queen Emeralda's Fantasy, from 1983

Another composer appears on two tracks, one Seiji Yokoyama.  On discogs, the following explanatory note:

Image album with new synthesizer music and rearrangements inspired by Queen Emeraldas.
released with obi and insert.

Then, pursuing the Emeraldas link, the following on wiki:

Queen Emeraldas (Japanese: クィーン・エメラルダス Hepburn: Kuīn Emerarudasu) is a manga written and illustrated by Leiji Matsumoto, which was later adapted into a four-episode anime OVA of the same name. Queen Emeraldas is the story of the pirate spaceship, Queen Emeraldas, which is captained by the mysterious and beautiful Emeraldas, a strong and powerful privateer. Sometimes, character Emereldas is referred to as Pirate Queen Emeraldas.

So it's a shame this queen wasn't able to inspire Jun more in the progressive direction, at least for us, as the Tale of the Heiki was in 1978.

The most heartbreakingly gorgeous track is probably the closer by Jun:

Note, however, the similarity in sound to the Daisy Chain masterpiece from earlier...



  2. Very obscure. Your collection of Fukamachi treasures is priceless, thanks a million, Julian.

  3. that's really awesome,thank you once again!

  4. Very "atmospheric", I love "A4 - Star traveler", especially the beginning, so soft and smooth ! The rest of the album didn't touch me that much though.

    Thank you very much Julian for sharing this rarity !