Monday, 28 May 2018

Heads up for a(nother) masterpiece; In Flight : Imagine a Music, USA 1987

Another surprise out of left field (how many curve balls could still be out there in the hinterlands waiting to be caught?)  Though you might from the title be expecting some fusion, this is a gorgeous mix of earliest Shadowfax-style acoustic guitar and keyboards chamber-jazz intellectual inventiveness, mostly instrumental, and it's as rare as it comes, with no mention in discogs or rateyourmusic (so far as I can tell).  I hear influences of Chick Corea in his acoustic moments, or perhaps the law-abiding classical thought patterns of someone like Matthias Frey.

Reading off the back, we learn it's a West Coast band and we have Robi Johns on guitars, and the brothers Lee Kohler and Rob Kohler on pianos and drums.  No mention of anything else from these artists on discogs, again, so far as I can tell.  All three perform for the vocal number which I included below.

Does it sound influenced by Yes, particularly in the lyrics dept.?  Definitely, if Yes decided to do unplugged.

Be sure to take a closer look at the photos of the members on the back too, showing how far into the 80s, anachronistically for the style of music, we are here.

Really can't believe that after all this time and effort in finding the hidden music from the past, all over the world I might add, that we can still mine these gems out of the ground of the past and add to the treasure trove, wherever you might be digitally keeping it safe....


  1. And many thanks for the discoveries to all you who help.

  2. This is so nice to listen. Highly enjoyable.
    Very nice gift from you to us. Thank you very much, Julian Ryan.

  3. Thank you, Julian, for this little chestnut, very enjoyable!

  4. What a beauty! Really heartfelt, I just listened to it twice and its great :) fave tracks 'Twilight', 'At The Summit' & 'All You Can Do' the night-noises of a summer's twilight in the background, fits perfectly with these sweet tones from across time and space - Thank you brothers! Many Thanks brother J for letting us in on the goods again!!!

  5. Hey Julian, I just discovered this release and your blog thanks to Northern Ashram, who played "Twilight" in an awesome mix for Sounds of the Dawn. Unfortunately the file has expired, could you upload it again please, if you get the chance? Thanks so much and all the best!