Monday, 7 May 2018

Back to Huje with 1984

The next year from the prior posting here's the 1984 installment.  Notice that unlike Starbucks this band doesn't allow white people inside, in fact, it's the photographic negative of your typical local Starbucks.  (Apparently in the early 80s a white trumpeter was arrested for showing up to HUJE band practice.)

I really like the dynamism of the Spirit Cry:

This is a composition by Gregory Charles Royal, who plays lead trombone, prophet 600 and misc. percussion.  What he says about this in the liner notes is interesting:

"Spirit Cry, which was recorded on my first album called Dream Come True, was inspired by the Wayne Shorter composition Free for All, which was recorded by Art Blakey and Jazz Messengers, with whom I've had the pleasure to play.  It was my intent in this arrangement that the bold french horn intro build through the solos and be relieved by the contemporary section.  After a brief recap, the composition winds its way down to the trombone and horn duet... this composition is dedicated to my parents, Drs. George and Gladys Royal."


  1. HUJE 84

    I threw in the Dreams Come True album by Gregory Charles Royal too, which is more straightforward modal fusion, and his 1980 "Pain" single

    1. plus new upload of golgotha beat oratorium by request