Monday, 4 March 2019

Lacrymosa's Keiko Koyama in Canal of Memories from 1985 to 1990 [limited time only]

I hope everyone is familiar with the Japanese RIO or avant garde progressive band Lacrymosa.  Keiko Koyama was their very memorable vocalist, and this album is a collection of her late 80s compositions just beautifully done.  Rateyourmusic info here, discogs info here.

I love this because it reminds me a little of an old prog favourite, Jean-Michel Desbouis' 1982 Prince album (famous for having Stella Vander on vocals, as Tom pointed out once).

A vinyl album was released in 1994 (her only solo work), and 3 bonus tracks were added to a CD release of this, in 2012.  But all tracks were made during the 1985-90 period.

Reckless Love, track 2:

A Desbouis Prince-like track called もうすぐここから:

With the girlish vocals on top of digital keyboards you'll also note a resemblance to the wonderful but under-rated German electro-vocal band Luna Set.

I'll include all the Lacrymosa music out there too, for comparison purposes.  Their music is much more angular atonal and RIO.



  1. Keiko Koyama


  2. Thank you Julian. Any chance you might have the Prince LP?

  3. Any chance to re-up said Luna Art LP (PNF is down)?

    1. three luna set albums still here