Monday 22 December 2014

CINEVOX 1203 (1983) Sonorizzazioni - Ecologia (featuring the incomparable Ennio Morricone) [lossless upgrade]

When I first heard this I fell out of my chair, again.  The amazing Morricone, responsible for so much fantastic Italian soundtrack music, can always make a beeline straight into my soul with his warm and expressive melodies and sounds, tinged often with melancholia, as in this instance.  Probably still his most famous is the theme for "Once upon a time in the West".

I wonder in particular if some of these fantastic compositions made their way into some of those late night art movies we watched when young, my brother and myself, in which sundry young and hairy Italian starlets got naked for older men and were apparently available, vaginally, for any man who sought their company for the night...  ah those good ol' days....

Note that Carlo Rustichelli was also a huge and prolific soundtrack composer, as were the other contributors to this record, Gaslini, Bixio, Piccione, and Ferrio.  So this explains the amazingly high quality of the music here.  A relatively poor rip was circulating before that really didn't do this music justice, so I bought the record, I had to.

First track, one from Morricone:

It's amazing what a skillful composer he was, especially in the late seventies period: oftentimes a theme in a minor key would gracefully pass into an unexpected major key, as in the soundtrack for "Cosi Como Sei" before returning to minor, like a life of sadness interspersed with unexpected happiness.  I'm reminded of American poet Robert Frost's fantastic line:

"Happiness makes up in height what it lacks, in width"

And in fact we can say the same about this music we love so much, that for us it makes up in beauty, what it lacks, in popularity...

Note the two different covers, of which the top is a little more attractive, no question.

If anyone has more information on this release, such as where these tracks appeared in movies, I'd really welcome it.  I really have to wonder how many stunning songs are lost to time altogether now from these old Italian soundtracks, if this is any indication of the quality thereof.

Ennio's Mesa Verde:


  1. ecologia



  2. Mesa Verde was used in the 1971 movie " Duck, You Sucker ! " with Rod Steiger & James Coburn.

  3. what kind of a movie name is that? lol a spaghetti western?

  4. Julian, Coburn is an IRA explosives expert fled Ireland for Mexico Steiger plays a Mexican peasant. His character makes this movie worth seeing. BTW thanks for Part of Art 2 I wanted to listen to it befor leaving comment. H.J. is a favorite of mine and have bought everything I can find with him. The 2 albums you have posted I did not have or know about much appreciated, I was wondering if you have more with Herbert Joos?

  5. Wow thanks for info, yes for Herbert Joos I have a lossless of his big record from 1977 called Daybreak, which really is his masterpiece, let me know if you need it

  6. Hi, here's some info on which films the themes are featured in-
    The Morricone themes on side one are in the film 'L'Assoluto Naturale'
    Gaslini's 'Bell's Dialogue'- 'La Pacifista'
    Gaslini's 'Tentazione Bianca'- 'Un Omicidio Perfetto A Termine Di Legge'
    The Rustichelli is from 'Probabilita Zero'

    Piccioni theme from 'The Seduction of Mimi'
    Bixio- 'Diario Segreto Da Un Carcere Femminile'
    Morricone's 'Croce D'Amore' is from one of his greatest soundtracks to the film 'Metti Una Sera A Cena'
    Lavagnino- from the war film 'Hell Commandoes'
    Savina- from the film 'I Due Kennedy'
    Ferrio- from the Western 'Amigo, Stay Away'

  7. wow that's useful information!

  8. Hi, Julian! Can you re-up this album in flac?

    1. can post in wav if desired

    2. OK. In any lossless format. If it not complicated for you

  9. here you go: