Monday 29 December 2014

Denise EP (Germany) - You Have to Hear It [1977]

This is a little-known German hard rock band but I sincerely wish their little cockroach EP could be played everywhere, yet it's not even expensive as you can see from the discogs entry (about 20 euros).  As we know in the late seventies to early eighties the great German engineering geniuses managed to replicate and even surpass the rock, fusion, and jazz invented and perfected in the United States and Great Britain, and it was such a prolific area to explore that to this day I still have not reached the bottom of this wonderful oktoberfest barrel of music...  Here the outstanding track is the last hard rock number about the "Kitchen Cockroach" and you and I will never of course come up with a better title for a song, nor better cover drawing.  Speaking of cockroaches I was amused in a recent New Scientist article to read about the secret to its success (though let us not forget the help of humans in propagating an animal that is really tropical to subtropical): its ability to consume any kind of food is due to a symbiosis with various microbial species that help it digest everything, showing once again how symbiosis and cooperation can be the secret to natural success, just look for example at the case of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt or even better, Ronald Reagan (who also could go, like the cockroach, months without feeding) and the M. Thatcher who would digest all the food for him so he could swallow without chewing or even thinking, sometimes even from mealy cue cards placed far behind him filled with those scrumptious words like deregulation and free trade and welfare moms...  It is notable that sometimes she would exit his digestive tract (probably via the anus) -- similar to the way corals expel the algae they are symbionts with -- and then she would be seen in speaking tours, for example, in Trafalgar Square, without ol' Ronnie.  Magnificently interesting.

And be sure to listen to the lyrics, here is what I heard at what point:

"This song is about a small animal
that wanted to be a great rock star
but he was too small..."


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