Friday 26 December 2014

Radavique's B-sides from Netherlands 1984 [lossless!!]

And what a gorgeous cover graphic, again!

I believe this was posted in mp3 before, this is an upgraded rip in lossless for a great little eighties-influenced art rock / progressive album.

Information can be found here:

Year: 1981 - 1984 Place: Enkhuizen

Band Members:
John van der Schaaf - Drums (1980-1984, Split Level) Middelkoop Martin - Guitar, Bass, Vocals Jan Koehoorn - Keys (1983-1984), former Redpoint, Split Level Jan de Jager - Keyboards, Vocals (ex- Reformed Accountable) Matthijs Boertien - Guitar (1974-1978, former Heaven, Captain) Ton Stavenuiter - Bass (1974-1978, former Reformed unaccountable) Johan Muller - Vocals, guest on the plates, Redpoint member Jaap van Zoonen - Bass (1980-1984, former SHOKE) Hans Vos - Drums (1974, member Clapham Junction to Jazzy Day) Kees Stumpel - Drums (1974-1978, former Heaven, to Enge Buren Band)
Live: 1974-1978 
Studio: 1980-1984

Rectilinear symphonic, dominated by keys, all short numbers.  Pearls of the dawn, and I will, I hear have a different style hear with folky influences and female vocals. The album was released as a private oil and is highly sought after by collectors of Dutch progressive music. As such Radavique was also included in the booklet  Private English of Limburger Jean Jobses."

[Thanks to google translate for the poetry as usual --The Editor.]

And you can see from the discography, there was no a-sides record, the title must be a joke.
But the music is no joke.  It's great and slightly progressive pop that all of us can now appreciate, 30 years later...  And for most of you out there I'm sure a nice welcome break from the fusion and jazz.


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