Saturday 20 December 2014

Secret Oyster's Karsten Vogel in 1983's Signature [by request!]

Karsten Vogel ex-Birds Of Beauty, Burnin Red Ivanhoe, Secret Oyster, Taylor's Free Universe...
Danish composer, conductor, saxophonist and music teacher, born 11 January 1943 [and now 71]...

As briefly mentioned with regards to bandmate Knudsen from Secret Oyster (SO), he made quite a few interesting jazz-rock-folk albums after SO, in the late 70s early 80s.  Too bad these are still relatively secret themselves, but beautiful like pure pearls in oysters.

In this particular album you'll notice shades of SO's beautifully thoughtful side as in the track "Mind Symbol," and like me, it will break your heart when you think of how gorgeous SO could be at its height in its stay in the Krankenhaus or the inimitable, incomparably beautiful Astarte:

At the same time there is a curious dichotomy where half the songs are gospel-like simplistic progressions, with sax raining down from above, reminding me of those Keith Jarrett-like tendencies to play rollicky gospel that to me really detracted from his advanced compositional capabilities.  But overall, from this record, we can here get a sense of just how much of SO was Karsten's creation, such as the piano obliggatos in minor keys over which his sax flies and weaves its aerial beauty, so I ask you please, Karsten, to fly high like the beautiful bird that you are, for us....  

And have a listen to the other two records before this one too if you get a chance... they're well worth hearing.


  1. Fabulous album!

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