Wednesday 16 December 2015

Kalapana I [1975]

A quick break to introduce a few lovely records from the seventies of Hawai'i but as far from the notorious Don Ho as possible, of course.  Here, as befits the tropical climate, we have sunny breezy soulful and fresh sounding songs that will endlessly bring you warmth as we explore these utterly unknown hits from the past...

First up a band that made quite a few records back in the day, and I believe, are still touring today.  However they are really out of sight and unknown and we would like to correct that fundamental injustice.

Some information on discogs.

As one who has had the great good fortune of having been all through the small archipelago I enjoy the references throughout all these LPs of places that are well-known there, like track A5's Kona Daze.

This is a small city on the west coast (or leeward side as they call it there) of the Big Island (which is called Hawai'i itself), known for its coffee and the manta rays that congregate there at night to munch on small sea creatures.

A sweet track called Naturally:



    Btw the photo above is Diamond Head at sunrise from the Waikiki Beach pier

  2. Thank´s , have it (bad rip !) , and a gift (or suggestion)! :
    Four For Jazz- Sunday Child / LP 1972, track fav ( same name).Hug´s !, also thank´s to the original up loader !


  4. Aloha, I never properly tanked you for this.

    wonderful, it brings back family memories. One of the ex abnd members lives up the street from me now. Golden days, again thanks.

  5. I have been looking though your old posts and I remember how much this one affected me. I was already a big fan of your taste in music and appreciated both being introduced to new sound but also getting reacquainted with music related to past times and sometimes lost friends.
    It's such a powerful thing, music and the memories they release with such ease. Kalapana's tapes constantly played in my parents place along with makaha sons, Iz, cecilio and kapono and Ku‘u Home o Kahulu‘u, a song that melts my heart. I just want to thank you for all the sounds and memories. _KineBee_