Sunday 20 December 2015

The amazing US Xian band Tetelestai in 1984

Again I have to interrupt my humble preplanned series of albums to bring you a wonderful discovery.  I have to thank the assistance of my friends again, appropriately this time of year, without whom I would never have the chance to hear so much fantastic music nor be able to share so much without incurring a horrific financial cost which is not exactly in the bank account or rather, credit line, this year...

Not the most catchy name for an artist but a gorgeous piece of music that landed out of the blue from the grace of my friend's diamond needle reminding me most of the New Cross mix of new wavy prog with echoes of my wonderful discovery of heretofore Rantz.  Right from the prologued spoken biblical anecdote (Israelites taken to Babylon) with the guitar /synth arpeggiating a colourful musical tapestry we know we are in the great American progressive tradition:

Here there are hints of Fripp's guitarwork, especially with the reliance on insistent obligato patterns, hyperemotional Hammill singing, perhaps interpreted through Peter Gabriel, synth-abetted orchestral compositions with their crashing drama-- everything we ask for from this style.  Sometimes I'm reminded of American band Babylon, surprisingly for this style of vocalist there are three part harmonies in places.  I think what I love most is the dramatic changes in tempo and style that each track features, an aptitude that Genesis really mastered but that is lacking (among many other things) in the "neoprog" genre, to which some might compare this as well, appropriately at times.  Track A3 (Nebuchadnezzar’s Dream) really illustrates this nicely:

I won't even upload the best tracks, that is, the most progressive and ingenious compositions, for your surprise to discover-- then you will see how pleasantly delighted I was myself...

The album is not expensive at all, but clearly undiscovered.

Back to the artist name, what does it mean?  Well thanks to The Great Google we don't need to wonder at all.  I'll quote the explanation in full here:

Literally translated the word tetelestai means, “It is finished.” The word occurs in John 19:28 and 19:30 and these are the only two places in the New Testament where it occurs. In 19:28 it is translated, “After this, when Jesus knew that all things were now completed, in order that the scripture might be fulfilled, he said, ‘I thirst.’” Two verses later, he utters the word himself: “Then when he received the sour wine Jesus said, ‘It is finished,’ and he bowed his head and gave up his spirit.”  The word tetelestai was also written on business documents or receipts in New Testament times to show indicating that a bill had been paid in full. The Greek-English lexicon by Moulton and Milligan says this:  “Receipts are often introduced by the phrase [sic] tetelestai, usually written in an abbreviated manner...” (p. 630). The connection between receipts and what Christ accomplished would have been quite clear to John’s Greek-speaking readership; it would be unmistakable that Jesus Christ had died to pay for their sins.


  1. mp3
    for all you lossless lovers:

  2. And don't forget Santa will have a big surprise this week!!

  3. Holy prog-gOOdness Batman!
    Wow they were Out On The Perimeter fully for this one,
    synchro-locked in the Zone! 'Nebuchadnezzar's Dream'
    'The Writing On The Wall' & 'Return From Exile' (!) are Treasure rooms
    and the narration pieces are far-out trips too!
    What the hell was the world doing in 1984? Not listening to this!
    Can't thank you enough bro for these soul-enriching wonders,
    they make the holiday season so special :)
    ...And Santa has MORE big surprises in store??? oh boy!
    Also secretly hoping Santa can see if one of his elves has a rip of
    Rene George Schenderling's LP for us spoiled kids! :)
    There's a good feeling with all the many-colored lights aglow
    in jolly celebration...from all of us to all of you,
    Happy Holidays, Peace and healing...
    May The Force Be With You!
    This year we travel back in time, to mixes of winters passed...
    Our first stop takes us back nearly ten years ago, to 2006,
    with a mysterious mix of timely import...
    ~The Last Of The Jedi Will You Be~
    1. Passing Of Time...The Orb
    2. Fuck, It Was So Crusty...Love Corp 222
    3. ...for the night is coming...Supertramp
    4. Prince Rupert Awakes...King Crimson
    5. Pompeii AM Gotterdammerung...The Flaming Lips
    6. Underture...The Who
    7. me my song...Genesis
    8. ...breath of the beyond...The Moody Blues
    9. ...Mother Fore...Pink Floyd
    10. ...The Voyage...The Moody Blues
    11. ...Glimpses Of Nirvana Pt. 2...Procol Harum
    12. You Don't Have To Keep It To Yourself, But You Can...Love Corp 222
    13. ...constellation's end...Seth Bernard
    14. New Round...Beck
    15. Liquid Spear Waltz...Donnie Darko ost
    16. The Sundown...The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly ost
    17. The Hologram~Binary Sunset...Star Wars ost
    18. Waltz In The Fourth Dimension...Donnie Darko ost
    19. Movie Theme...Beck
    20. Time Travel...Yes!...The Flaming Lips
    21 ...Exoskeleton...Beck
    22. The Artifact & Living...Donnie Darko ost
    ...then we go back deep to psychedelic 1995,
    when all my mixes were ca$$ette XL II black magnetite baby
    I used to name, artistically label, and number all my best mixes
    that morphed into a crazy sprawling 120+ tape series that began roughly in winter 1992 and continued dedicatedly until 2005ish...I still have them all and have begun putting the best onto cd...this selection is one of the wildest Cut-Up! psychTrippps I ever committed to tape, Part 23, named
    ~Blastido'z Castle~
    (1 side per track, I'll give the song titles as they appear on the cassette,
    but they're not split... this one works best like this...)
    1.(Side A)
    Herbal Intro
    Manfred's Interlude
    Orbital Outlands
    Blazing Gazelle
    This Is The Trip...The Best Part...I Really Like...
    ...Kitar~Eno: Through Hollow Lands
    Fly Jefferson Airplane...
    2.(Side B)
    Spliff Sticks
    The Soft Parade Has Now Begun:
    ...Part 1-Dosage/Part 2-Procession/Part 3-Big Top
    The Reunion
    Night: ...Part One: Snow/Part Two: Midnight/Part Three: Minstrels
    Enjoy exploring the Castle my Friends :)
    p.s. here's my two big Xmas celebrations!
    From All Of Us To All Of