Saturday 5 December 2015

The 70s solo albums of the great Benny Soebardja from Indonesia; Part Two, incl. the rare Setitik Harapan (1979)

We finish off with the other two albums from him, the 1975 Lizard which was reissued as limited LP with a different cover, and the ultrarare 1979 installment called Setitik Harapan.  Here we get a nice mix of late seventies mellotron-inflected progressiveness with more commercially oriented ballads-- witness the 5th track, from the Giant Step playbook style:

followed by the 6th:

Note the stunning compositional craftsmanship clearly on display here.
Personally I didn't find the first 1975 record too impressive at all, feeling a little bit too immature with regards to composition.  Though bear in mind it was shortly thereafter that the masterpiece "Giant on the Move!" was released...

And a prolific artist too, remember: Giant Step made seven albums, all of which are well worth hearing...

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  1. Benny 1 (1975)
    Benny Setitik (1979)