Tuesday 22 December 2015

The Machines Have Landed, Part One, in 1981

Hard on the heels of the bombshell Tetelestai comes this other proggers' dream platter.

"They were all males, and well-built, their hair was white, cut short, their eyes were blue, their skin was white, thus-- they were caucasians..."  Goes the intro describing the aliens exiting their UFO-- wow-- what a relief they were not black or god forbid-- Asian!  or if they had arabic features?  We would have to bomb area 51-- right, president Trump?

Side two is the progific monster-- the prognificent masterwork AOR'ing through a bombastic prose of dissonances and tritones, FM-(the Canadian band)-style synthplay and outright lyrical silliness.  The first side definitely has more of a Klaatu art rock workaday aspect to it especially with the overlong Walter Cronkite-like intro excerpted above.  But revel in the finale of the work from these one-off Burlington, Ontario, Canadians here below which casts all the energy of amplified music into one melting pot of hot compositional alchemy:

Oh and speaking of (the, or a) Donald, given that he has declared personal bankruptcy thrice already, wouldn't it be fantastic if the first thing he did when he inevitably gets elected is declare bankruptcy for the whole United States?  All those poor people (the 99 percent of the population I mean) with their outrageous credit card debts too would also be forgiven...  or enslaved. Whichever works best.  Hey, the Russians did it, just ask his soon to be BFF Putin.  And what an amazing bromance that will be: both dating models and Miss World contestants, hunters of bears and other hunters, leaders of ex-cold war empires, surely they could kill Cecil the lion with their bare hands unlike those pathetic facebook dentists, I would go so far as to say they might even fall in love and when they get married, light up the sky with firecrackers and cruise missiles-- remember, the intercontinental ballistic kind, we'll no longer need then... the fallout will solve the global warming problem, which doesn't really exist according to them, at the same time...  I mean, I make fun of the czar poutine, oops I mean the Russian Czar Putin a lot, but who wouldn't?  He has turned himself into a caricature, single-handedly.
And I love Trump's response yesterday, that he can see himself "working with the Great Putin:" uh, didn't Britain say the same thing when Hitler first came to power?  So let's just 'give Ukraine' to the Russians I guess, and Syria to Assad?  Doesn't matter what those poor Ukrainians or Syrians actually want, "they're fired!"

Millions of pages of course have already been written about this oddly haired bombastic man, clearly a pathological liar as per the famous Colonel Sanders, who after years of the Apprentice can't differentiate Television from Reality anymore, but isn't the majority of the US electorate in the same boat, after all?  I mean, how many of them have read "Brave New World" or "1984--" or have heard of a demagogue?

But don't discount Donald in the US, they did the same with Rob Ford the crack addict back in Toronto, they thought he had no chance of winning ever, I mean, just because pot is legal doesn't mean you have to vote for a crackhead, but they elected him anyways, and Marion Barry was reelected as mayor of Washington-- after serving a jail term...

Yes: the machines have landed, America... they landed long ago...


  1. https://www.sendspace.com/pro/dl/1e3x70
    Bear in mind that more christmas goodies are coming this week! And Oct Country, you already nailed it...

  2. Santa, The Machines have stolen my face and blown my mind!
    Reeling in prog delirium and laughing out loud while reading your enlightened review...had to listen to this twice in a row...
    'Framed' is a powerhouse, that dark rainy street jam they slip into is triggering cellular harmony!
    'Mind & Body' the magic words "...I've got to keep Control."
    and that far-out intro...just love it!!
    All this mind-altering goodness is distracting the xmas elves from their work! hahaha
    Happy Holidays are truly here :)

  3. Hi,
    Thank you for this very creative gem !
    ... and merry Christmas to you !

  4. Through the portal to 2016....Bill McDowell here and still Rocking.
    But with 327.3265 extra T bytes of knowledge.

    Glad you enjoy the album.....The Machines were/are brilliant.

    1. Everyone is amazed at how great this is as a prog-rock album which has been pretty much hidden from view from everybody until now...
      keep on rockin :-)))