Thursday 4 May 2023

Back to the Sisyphos disco. with the remarkable 1996 Moments


I'm skipping over Raw Fish for now, this album which is fully a decade after the last post here, suddenly demonstrated a renewed dedication to progressive rock possibly inspired by all the exciting music being made by those alternative rockers, who let's be honest, made some remarkably creative and occasionally quite progressive stuff in that wonderful decade, musically, of the 1990s. In fact pure prog rock experienced quite a resurgence in that time too which has gone on to today (eg Pangee Hymnemonde, posted recently).  I mean, just check out the song that opens the album:

One of the ultra-progressive hallmarks of this composition is the way it keeps changing: chords, rhythms, ideas, vary dramatically, quite uncommercially, throughout a relatively short 7 minute period. Plus note tritone in first riff.  The addition of keyboards for extra color is a welcome importation too (compared to their earlier albums).

Wonderful stuff, and from now on, the band mostly plays in a classic hard electric prog rock style that is uniquely their own--which is unusual too.

I can't resist posting the lovely acoustic piano keyboard song called Heart Attack too, with its remarkable backing vocals and its just incredibly original chord progression, I believe this is similar or the same as the Language of Acceptance song from Mujokan:



  2. Hello Julian any chance of a re up on the Karlos P. Steinblast compleat link aint working thank you