Sunday 28 May 2023

Back with Sisyphos and Raw Fish, 1990


I mentioned this one as interesting on the basis it straddles the border between their earlier hard rock style and their later prog rock style featured in Moments. And indeed it's kind of half half.

A lovely prog instrumental called Dinosaur:

It's disappointing that they close the album with two improvisations rather than original compositions or songs, as if they ran out of material.  But it's OK, there's enough interesting stuff here and there despite.

Interestingly, there is a new rip of the famed Rhea Sad Sorceress now with a great sound, which doesn't necessarily in my opinion help the music much, compared to the old rip I posted back in 2017. 

The new rip is in comments here.



  2. Hello Julian. Hope you are ok.

    Do you have Guildenstern - same?