Monday 29 May 2023

Sarah Kernochan's 2 LP, plus other requests

I think you could say that in these two albums she reveals a little too much of herself.  At least half the songs, and she seems to be very keen on writing lyrics that are like little stories from a female perspective, are about girls who sleep with the wrong men, or at different places with different men, and so on. Musically, it's all singer songwriter about half on acoustic guitar, half on grand piano. There's some music hall or tin pan alley type compositions, Joni Mitchell-styled stuff as you'd expect. The title track from House of Pain:

Home Away from Home:

Obviously a very attractive girl, pay attention to the song called "Can I get on top this time" that depicts a masochist who 'likes it rough' and ends with a high-pitched note that I guess is simulating an orgasm. This kind of stuff must have been so welcome back in the seventies when women were still so repressed--what a difference a half century makes when female singers today get on stage in thongs and talk endlessly about orgasms in different positions, etc.


  1. both albums from Sarah:

    Goodness and mercy (Blood Sweat and Tears like):

    Ronin (Aor, simple bluesy hard rock):

    The antiques, experience (1976) Latin pop

  2. Amazed at your savvy for finding the lost ones. Greatly appreciated. Another contemporary of Sarah and Paula is Patti, below. Who released 4 albums, sought out.
    Have not heard these records, but I did hear the greater part of a reissue compilation featuring songs from the 4 titles. I found the material to be strong for the fact that (for the most part) there was no overt commercial leaning. She seemed to be conveying the art from her heart...
    Probably why, in that time, she never lifted out of obscurity...

    Patti Dahlstrom - Patti Dahlstrom, (1972, UNI)
    Patti Dahlstrom - The Way I Am, (1973, 20th Century)
    Patti Dahlstrom - Your Place Or Mine, (1975, 20th Century)
    Patti Dahlstrom - Livin' It Thru, (1976, 20th Century)

  3. Hi Julian, thanks for your work on the blog. Sarah Kernochan's album Beat Around The Bush is missing one song, Jelly Under Paraffin. Could you find it and put it? Thank you

  4. you're right, looks like the original LP was reissued with a couple of extra tracks but missing that one with a cd release, no chance I'll buy the record to complete this though :)