Monday 8 April 2024

Back to Jon Eberson in Jive Talking 1981, Polarities 1982

Obviously everyone remembers he was the guitarist in superbrilliant Moose Loose and the equally brilliant one-off LP Blow Out.  Information on the group he thereafter formed, here. They were active from 1981 to 1987 and in that short period put out at least one album per year, with only the first two, or even first one, worth hearing in my opinion. Great example of how progressive fusion became commercialized by smooth sounds and simplicity right after the 1980 turn of the decade discontinuity.

Nonetheless, a lovely track called It Was (singer's voice is Sidsel Endreson):

From the second album, Untitled:

I couldn't bear to listen to the ones that came after, I'm sorry to any fans..


  1. Jive Talking

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    1. Off "Jive Talking" the best cut I thought was "David," but the vocals did nothing for me. Thanks to modern technology, I have been playing around with breaking some songs down to "stems" and mixing without vocals. I did that with "David," also editing the intro a bit... I think it make a very listenable cut!

  3. Thank you for posting these recordings. I believe that there is a small mix up on the krakenfiles link to Jive Talking; it download Polarities as well. I couldn't get the sendspace link for that to work. It just keeps duplicating the page in a new tab.

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