Saturday 6 April 2024

Prisma from 1980 Netherlands [flac limited time only]


One of my all time favourites from the country with its exuberant and warm vocals-driven songs, perhaps most similar to the later Fruupp period when they played so tightly and beautifully (as on Gormenghast) this band made only the one album then disappeared sadly. I guess you could also compare to Water eg Damburst, Kayak, etc. there were so many Dutch masters back in the period.

I love the track written for Nastassja Kinski, who I absolutely adored as a child, with her dark and mysterious and pouty look (cf. 1982's Cat People or Tess):

Morricone also wrote a really beautiful song for Nastassja. You can hear it here if you're curious. Of course, being Morricone, that one is really gorgeous. The OST cover for that sample gives you a glimpse of how incredibly beautiful she was back in the day.

Final track Masquerade oddly enough has the line 'the men who hold high places' which has to remind you of Rush (Closer to the Heart):

No Time for Tears is the composition that really reminded me of later Fruupp:

I guess the beauty of this album is that every track is wonderful to hear. What a homerun!

It surprised me to read some years back, though it shouldn't have, that Nastassja complained she was forced to appear fully nude in her early movies as a teenager -- as young as aged 14! There were also accusations she had a 'relationship' with well known serial escapee from the law or ex-con Polanski around the same age.  Things that were considered ok back then.  She repeatedly emphasized how abusive her father, the actor Klaus Kinski was.

Once again it brings to light how much times have changed since those days only 50 years ago. Except if you happen to be in the entourage of Sean Diddy Combs or puff daddy as he used to be known. Or the late Jeffrey Epstein.


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