Friday 12 April 2024

Gabriel Jonas in 1978's Impresie


Discogged as:

Slovak pianist, bass guitarist, composer. Born November 23, 1948 in Kukučínovo (Želiezovice district, former Czechoslovakia, presently Slovakia).

Light jazz here, but quite interesting compositionally (all by him), thankfully no standards, original music only. A lot reminds me of the old Teo Macero I mentioned often here before too as one of my intrinsic points of reference.

First off note he played in the Keyboard Conclave, no. 10 specifically, which I once posted here. We are constantly orbiting in large circles here on this blog.  He also was in one of the Mini Jazz Klubs, back here, playing electric piano though that time.

Zivy Sen, or Living Dream:

I enjoy the gentle sound of Akela with its really odd dropping chord progression, and the really beautiful touch on the sax is by the hands and lungs of this guy (Peter Kral):


  1. limited time only upload

  2. This is great, because Opus (the only Slovakian label before 1990) has seldom re-released any item of their jazz catalogue. Petr Korinek, Josef Vejvoda and Petr Kral were members of JOCR and Laco Deczi's Jazz Cellula in the 70's. Opus did a series of compilations from Bratislava Jazz Days festival. Hard to find, never released on CD. Just saying : )...

  3. Thanks for this Julian. Taken by the same two tracks as you.