Tuesday 2 April 2024

Sundance (Sweden 1976) lossless limited time only


Swedish (one-off) jazz group.

From discogs:

Sundance was formed in the mid-1970s in Gothenburg after the American musician Stephen Franckevich moved to Sweden. He played trumpet, grand piano, French horn and percussion), while other members were Anita Nyman (vocals), Salomon Helperin (trumpet and grand piano), Carl-Axel Hall (piano, mog, mellotron and claviet), Harald Stenström (electric bass, tuba) , Nils Nordin (drums, percussion). The group released the album Sundance in 1976, on which Gilbert Holmström (flute and saxophone), Ahmadu Jarr (congas and percussion) and Ulf Wakenius (electric guitar) were also guest soloists. In addition, studio musicians Ingemar Brantelid (cello), Åke Edefors (trombone) and Per-Olof Eriksson and Thord Svedlund (both on violin) participated. Producer for the recording was Gunnar Lindqvist and the group, while Bo Starander was the sound engineer.

Pretty much exemplary fusion here in the typical Northern European style, eg, Egba, the old post Sunhouse, old stalwarts Crypto, (personal favourite) Napalis, Solis Lacus, Solar Plexus, etc.

All the tracks are well worth savouring here, but the one called Aspects really grew on me with its interesting patterns and creative ideas:

Pay attention, at the 3:20 mark where the string mellotron makes a wonderful albeit brief appearance for an introductory set of chords to the bridge.
Note the presence of Wadenius (you must remember his solo album) on guitars, and Frankevich playing the marvelous flugelhorn (?) solo on that number.


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