Sunday, 13 July 2014

Australian Arena, year unknown, probably 1976?

A bad rip was circulating for a long time here and required an upgrade, as is the case so often.

This is a brilliant progressive jazz-rock album that was discovered some years ago.  It reappeared not too recently on boxes of toys.  I sincerely thank that man who first found this little gem, as we know it must be a man, not a woman.  Notice how expensive the record sells for on discogs.  Therefore I must also thank the friend who gave me permission to share this with you.  Thank god for those folks who help me in this long adventure!

The first track:

Mention must also be made of the cover, with its brilliantly cartoonish paranoid feeling.  It's credited to a Mike Cambridge.  Incidentally, all compositions are by a certain Ted White, the woodwinds and sax player.  And notice that he played on the amazing jazz-rock album "Stratusphunk" which I shared back in pnf days.


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  2. This is from 1974. Great album, thanks again.