Saturday, 12 July 2014

VA - Drama in Rhythm 1971 [Library]

First of all I would like to thank our old pnf friend Maestro for permission to use this record, which is his purchase.  The whole rip is in fact a group effort with the help of another pnf friend, pollux, to whom we give credit for the amazing clean-up job and repairing the cover scans to a pristine condition.

I am utterly amazed sometimes by the quality of composition on these library records.  Why did these composers write such brilliant material for merely occasional, nonce use, in some forgotten movie or TV show?  But clearly that is the purpose of our resuscitation, to help people hear some of these fantastic compositions from the past that really don't deserve to be forgotten...

There are a few composers here in the limelight, including R. Wilhelm, J. Haider (the famous German bandleader I presume?), R. Christoph, and E. Illin (who really stands out for me with his abstract modern works).  Illin is this guy, I presume?

Here is some more information on this record.  Maestro himself is an expert on this topic and can detail us more on the fascinating history of these records, and C. Brull Ltd. in particular.  I will open the floor up to his comments now, and thank him again for his impressive generosity and kindness.

As well, I know he is requested some missing entries in this series which I urge him to mention.

A wonderful selection from youtube:


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  2. In the first place, I have to thank Julian and Pollux for taking the challenge and making this beauty present to us.

    In fact, I have to exchange one LP with a Spanish collector in Barcelona and I need some help.
    The Spanish collector asked for my physical attendance in Barcelona. Whilst, I can't travel thousands of kilometers to exchange one LP.
    I'd like to know if any of the visitors here can help and solve this case for me.

    Brull Library albums.

    HISTORY: London based, established in the mid-1960s. Part of the diverse Brull organisation. All releases have Brull catalogue numbers. OUTPUT: Some original sessions, many internationally licensed recordings, on 10" and 12". STYLE: Many releases have a strong jazz and experimental feel. SLEEVES: Generic film strip sleeve on early 10" and 12" issues. Later LPs with standard orange house bag or paint splatter sleeve in various colorways.

  3. The rare library releases just keep on coming! I have not heard many releases from the Charles Brull Ltd/Harmonic label so this is a real pleasure and many thanks to everyone involved (I have seen Maestro's name in many library related blogs over the years) - excellent quality rip.

    One release on the label I have heard which is the excellent 1976 album Synthetronics by Italian library legends Giancarlo Barigozzi & Fabio Fabor - don't know who the kind person was who ripped it but here for anyone who is interested:

    Both the guys have released a fair few library records but it is Fabio Fabor who is the real legend - so many great library albums.

    I totally agree about the sentiments expressed in the post about the fact that so much incredible music was released on library labels but it is hardly known outside a relatively small scene of people (it occasionally becomes trendy like the KPM label) - my take on it is the fact that because the music wasn't commissioned or even geared towards mainstream "success", it allowed the artists the freedom to create the music they truly wanted to without so many external constraints.

    The irony of course is that many people who listen to avant-garde/experimental/weird music have no idea that some of the most original and experimental records ever conceived by (wo)man and machine can be found on the most obscure library labels imaginable.


    1. Julian, thanks for uploading this Harmonic, another LP that I didn't have in my collection.
      And thanks to Kosmikino for posting the link for Synthetronics, for a double-Harmonic bonus!

  4. That last point you made is very true, and of course ironically unfortunate.

  5. Julian, thanks for all these fantastic library albums in your blog, which I've just discovered. There are lots I don't have. One request; is it possible for anyone to re-upload a link to the Synthetronics lp?

    1. of course, I will do it tomorrow morning, stay tuned!

    new up of synthetronics

  7. I totally agree about the sentiments expressed in the post about the fact that so much incredible music was released on library labels but it is hardly known outside a relatively small scene of people (it occasionally becomes trendy like the KPM label)

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