Thursday, 31 July 2014

Dominique Guiot - L'univers de la mer from France 1979

There are two versions of this album, I much prefer the second cover which came later.  Both are French releases.  What an amazingly beautiful and surreal cover painting, as I always like to say, deserving of being in a museum rather than on an utterly forgotten LP...  Credit: photo de recto, J. Wyrs.  A confusing (and unhelpful?) note, since it's a painting on the recto.

The artist reminds me a great deal of Didier Bonin, posted on the old prognotfrog by myself, and the rips are again by our wonderful friend pollux, who does a professional job of cleaning up these records.

His later albums were quite disappointing to me, as you can see, he went on to library records.  The next one, La dame a la licorne, is much too simple and medieval for my tastes.  Incidentally, have you seen the tapestry series in the Cluny Museum, Paris, from which this title is based?  That medieval museum is simply a shockingly outstanding place to visit.

Again, consider how the beautiful first track, Wind Surf Ballad, should have been a radio hit back in the day, but most definitely, wasn't...



  2. Lovely album indeed, one of my favourite library albums :)

  3. Hi pornotrond, I love your blog.

  4. Hi!
    Any chance for lossless version ?

  5. Many thanks for this, the quality is excellent and I would have to agree with pornotrond (library music blogger legend) that it is one of the best library music albums ever released.

    I think PT in his comment was gently point out that your statement that he "he went on to library records" is not actually the case as both Chicago 2000 and Auvidis are in fact French library labels, so his entire output is library based.

    It is strange you should mention the Didier Bonin album as I could have sworn I sent a comment to PNF asking if a repost was possible (as the two tracks posted were just beautiful and reminded me of Dominique Guiot as well). - Anyway the comment isn't there so it would be great if you could repost the rip here or there.

    In the highly unlikely event you haven't come across the work of a fellow French artist Claude Perraudin, his music has a similar feel especially his 1977 Mutation 24 album (which actually came out on RCA Victor, his later albums on the library label Patchwork are very good as well). I can post you some links if needed.

    PS> Thank you so much for the high quality scan of the album - one of my favourite covers as well.

  6. Thanks for the info, kosmikino.
    If you're sure there is no reupload of Didier Bonin, I can reup those for you in good quality.
    I agree, Perraudin is fantastic, but I don't need any of his albums, thanks for the offer.


  7. Thank you for this nice upgrade Julie. I love the fact that you include such lovely f/b cover scans, too.

  8. could you upload la dame a la licorne onto youtube? It seems like you've heard it (and don't really like it) but probably have it since it's a pretty rare LP, so if you don't mind sharing it...i'm just very curious about it. i don't really care if the album's good or bad. i just want to hear it at least once!