Saturday, 2 August 2014

Jordi Sabates + Carmen Bustamante + François Rabbath = A Través Del Mirall (Una Proposta Musical De Jordi Sabatés) Live from Barcelona, 1986

Information on this album here.  Basically we have here Jordi on acoustic piano augmented by some acoustic bass and soprano singing (Carmen Bustamante), as depicted on the cover photograph.  It was important to me to try to complete his discography on the strength of the last submission on these pages, the chamber-progressive album El Secret de la Criolla (which see).

There is some very gorgeous and meditative bowed bass playing in here as in the second track, called Reitba:

Unfortunately the album is marred by a great deal of solo bass playing, which for me is a little hard to take in such large doses-- kind of like tylenol, but with less of an impact upon my liver.

For a vocal song, the gorgeous track B3 is incomparable, Subtil Memoria:

Side A features mostly the bass, B the soprano singing, side C is a mishmash of frantic orlando furioso acoustic piano soloing a la K. Jarrett... Notice at the end he plays Tot l'enyor (from his 1976 masterpiece of the same name) and Canço D´Hivern from the album formerly posted.

With regards to the Concerto that takes up most of the last side, I am wondering if perhaps by this time the exhausted and drained listener has sufficient energy to devote to assimilating the multiple musical ideas contained therein, or if, instead, he is driven to reach for a bottle of freshly opened wine-- perhaps a Zinfandel if you are American, or a Pinot Grigrio, if instead by an unfortunate circumstance you are European.  For the poor and long-suffering Russians, of course, there is no question, they drink vodka as if it were their water supply, which it for the most part is, and certainly more sterile if not palatably anaesthetic.  I don't really have a taste for it myself, being nonslavic, preferring the beer that is my (perhaps only) cherished Germanic heritage.  A bonus in this regards is the current popularity of craft beers, which are multiplying into the billions like human beings, making it difficult for me to keep pace, though, to the sad testimony of my wife, I am partly succeeding in this regard.

Note that this is a double-LP.


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