Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Sandoz Pay Attention in Lossless At Last... + more information, + multiple reups

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I am glad to get a good scan of the back cover as it reveals quite a bit of interesting information.  Here is the first part, I recommend you read the whole blurb:

"London 1971:

With the revolution bungled, the snow raging and the sky losing height, paranoia and nasty tales abound.  A new dark age has dawned and music from the underground takes on a cold and ominous flavour.  The band Sandoz, a subterranean sensory assault, capture the prevailing consciousness as eloquently as any, also managing to draw a wry smile and the wink of an eye from the day-glo patchouli-scented corpse of the sixties as it is finally whisked off on an icy cosmic breeze...

Named after the Swiss laboratories where LSD was first synthesized by Dr. Albert Hoffman, Sandoz barely surfaced for air, their only official appearance being a Sunday afternoon Greasy Truckers' bash at Group 64 in Putney.  They were essentially rehearsal hermits, experimenting with, and whisking up, all manner of esoteric psychedelic ingredients into a dark mind-bending electric miasma of their own.  Totally unhinged and eccentric, Sandoz acknowledge the influence of the good Captain and his mighty Magic Band (vocals through the Broughton filter!) the ultimate power trios of Hendrix and Cream, Amon Duul 1 1  (hallucinogens personified) and Miles Davis' trailblazing Bitches Brew.  The three remarkable recordings presented here for the very first time (each of which clocks in at over eight minutes) is evidence of the fact that Sandoz were at least one step beyond most of their contemporaries, their musical hedonism, jammed with all manned of complex time-changes, intricate ensemble passages, blistering instrumental workouts, and polytonal counter-rhythmic weirdness, suddenly zooming off onto spectacular tangential trips..."

And I beg you to continue reading, where you will find information on the subsequent careers of the band members: as mentioned by one commentator earlier, the guitarist and mastermind / composer went on to play fusion guitar for Brand X...  But we will all agree that this early work was far, far superior to any later Brand X material... I hope.  For this is progressive rock at its finest moment, absolutely 100 percent uncompromising, a complete F-- you to any kind of semblance of respect for any music industry or commercial popularity:  this is true art.


  1. sandoz in wav


    mp3 (from earlier)


    VA Nationales Finale from February 2014:


    peter berkow's faculty recital:


    Kroton Blaue Sonne:


    Squash :


    All the Rer Quarterlies reupped:

  2. great! thank you very much Julian for this upgrade...I really appreciate

  3. Thanks a lot for the lossless of Sandoz "Pay Attention".Excellent album ,absolutely.Male singer reminds me of Peter Hammill.

  4. Sandoz wav hell yes! What a scorcher - man, 'Demi-God' has been gettin heavy rotation...deep dank goodness
    I love your great words too,
    "For this is progressive rock at its finest moment, absolutely 100 percent uncompromising, a complete F-- you to any kind of semblance of respect for any music industry or commercial popularity: this is true art."
    Right On brother, right on!
    For those with an eye for the finer details, we salute you...
    Thank you greatly my friend

  5. Though my musical tastes these days are mainly disco-electronic-experimental, every so often the old teenage punk noise freak in me (who followed the Swans and Sonic Youth and Butthole Surfers around on their first tours of the UK and listened to the Beefheart, Melvins and Black Sabbath constantly) gets occasionally re-awakened (most recently with the Death album) and the Sandoz album has just done the same.

    I love those moments in musical history before certain styles are set in stone and this is just an amazing example of that period before prog became formalised and imprisoned in a certain set of musical tropes and expressions - the counter-point between the raw Beefheart style vocals (I loved the Leary crashing into Crowley reference to the lyrics) and the astounding original music trip (as tight as any legendary three-piece such as Cream/Hendrix)..

    Wonderful album - you can see why it almost disappeared down the memory hole, far too pure and visionary for the "man" to bring to market. Many thanks for sharing in such good quality.

  6. Hi Julian, sorry but the Sandoz WAV link is down, could you please re-up it, thanks

  7. Hi, can you reupload it, please? Thank you!