Thursday, 14 August 2014

Tim Eyermann's Unity from 1977, USA, by request

This album strongly reminds me of the Listen with Mel Martin, or Natural Life LPs posted earlier on prognotfrog.  There is some latin tinge and chamber instruments to add a great deal of interest.  Compositions are by Tim.  From the blurb on the back:

"When Anthony Braxton, noted avant-garde reedsman, visited Washington D.C. in July 1976 he took some lessons on his flute and clarinet.  His teacher?  Tim Eyermann.  That Tim is so well respected among his professional peers gives some endorsement to his talents.  A better indicator however is the album in your hands..."   I encourage you to read the remainder when you get ahold of the package.

Tim plays oboe, clarinet, flutes (alto, regular, and bass!), all the saxes, and of course was the arranger and composer with the exception of the string arrangements which were by Mike Crotty.

The title track:

A lighter song featuring the flute, A Time Past:


  1. tim eyerman
    lossless (wav) limited time only:

  2. Love the 2 tracks you've posted.....looking forward to this !


  3. Thanks from the bottom of my heart, it sounds great. I really appreciate your time and effort. At the risk of sounding redundant, many, many thanks!!!

  4. Another absolute classic saved from obscurity.Thanks Julian

  5. Hi Julian any chance of the WAV for this, thanks