Thursday, 21 August 2014

Streetdancer's 10" EP "Steps" from 1980's the US of A [Plus mp3s of ST and Rising]

A wonderful lost artifact of US progressive fusion, rescued from oblivion.  Check out the marvelous ingenuity of the joker and the thief:

As bonus I include their other two LPs from previously for those who haven't heard this band yet.
Link from discogs.


  1. streetdancer steps ep 80
    streetdancer rising 77
    streetdancer 74

  2. Reupload of Transatlantique how many chances

    apprentice rough draft reup from prognotfrog, by request

  3. Missed these when they came out, but I'm digging them now. Thanks a lot, very good albums.

  4. oh yeah. I wish I could have heard them when they first came out, too. Would've loved them back then too.