Thursday, 7 August 2014

Kjol's Take It On from 1979 {+ Sunny Day reupped}

The other album "Sunny Day" I posted on prognotfrog.  This album is really superb, furious fusion as mentioned earlier.  Discogs information here.  This is what I want to hear on a hot summer's day after swimming outside and then barbecuing some steaks for people...

For those who would like a proper review, I will copy and paste Apps' from rym:

"Multi-national Jazz-Rock group, which was found in late-70's by guitarist Heinz Affolter.Affolter was allso the main composer of the group, which featured also drummer Dave Doran, his sister Brigeen on saxes and bassist Walter Stricker.The debut ''Take it all'' was recorded in March 1979 at the Tonstudio Zuckerfabrik in Stuttgart and released the same year in Switzerland through the Tonstudio's label.

This is very nice Jazz-Rock/Fusion, way better than the endless manipulations offered by many bands of the style, with a great atmosphere throughout and occasional psychedelic and spacey vibes here and there.The opening ''Do it again'' is a short piece of mediocre Funk/Jazz, not really representative of Kjol's sound but the two long tracks following are really great examples of inventive Jazz-Rock.Hypnotic guitars meet melodic saxes and a furious rhythm section, still the compositions maintain a grandiose attitude all the way, close to the approach of Jasper van't Hof's PORK PIE.The flipside offers the interesting frenetic guitar solos of Affolter on the opening ''Moving force'' along with Doran's heavy percussions, while in ''Eleonore`s Downfall'' Free Jazz is blended with Brass Rock, containing massive sax solos and good breaks.''Green Island'' is a whole another story.This is a smooth farewell with soft piano and mellow saxes to calm things down after the previous tsunami of instrumental attacks.

Nice and aggresive Psych/Jazz/Fusion of decent quality.Better than the bunch of uninteresting releases of the genre and strongly recommended even for fans of a more proggy sound."

I will post a proper rip of Take it On and also the mp3 rip of Sunny Day from before for anyone who needs it. Please replace your rips of the former album, a poor mono was circulating for some time and didn't do it justice at all-- now we can hear the crazy sax playing of Brigeen Doran the way it's meant to be heard.  I really love that photo of her on the cover too!  Looks like the Dorans in addition to being talented musically, were also a very attractive family.


  1. Kjol Take it On
    Kjol Sunny Day

  2. Jazz Impression reup from earlier:

  3. thanks Julian.Both albums are sensational!!!!!

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    Speaking of Jasper Van t Hof, have you the track " Poobli" in nice quality please ?
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    1. from this album:
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