Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Orange Lake Drive's Transcend LP from USA, 1982 [+ reups of Didier Bonin by request]

Some very smooth US-style fusion from this band, typically eighties in sound but with some great passages well worth hearing for fans of the genre.  Information on this release here.  I recall so well Tom Hayes saying he hates drum machines-- I hate them too, but what I hate still more is the loud end of beat claps you hear in these eighties fusion records...  Probably after watching one too many old MTV videos in which artists clapped in unison in those old grainy colors...

I'll post the last track which possesses the advantage of being brief in addition to the quality of beauty.


  1. orange lake mp3

    Didier Bonin 2

  2. orange lake drive in wav (limited time only as usual)

  3. Many thanks for the L' Arbre Verre and L'Air Lumiere albums, it is just so beautiful and the latter must be incredibly rare, even for a private press, for it not to have at least one outrageously expensive copy on Discogs (looks like there has never been a copy sold).
    There is one copy of his other album for sale at £95!

    Also I really appreciate all the scans and everything - these are two albums that I can see playing way into the future.

  4. Yes, I agree completely regarding Didier Bonin... again, many thanks to the original ripper (our friend pollux from prognotfrog)!

  5. Could you re-up the WAV for Orange Lake Drive please, thanks again