Wednesday, 23 July 2014

E. Illin and G. Heinz - Mixed Shorties, Music for Television, Film, Radio, Brull CBW 669 (from 1976)

As you can see, the first side is all from Heinz and most of the second too.  Eugene Illin only appears in the last three tracks, and he was the reason I purchased this of course, on the strength of the great compositions he provided for the Drama in Rhythm library LP.  The bio from discogs says:

" Czechoslovak composer and saxophonist. 
Born 2 November 1924 in Biskupice pri Dunaji (former Czechoslovakia), died 12 March 1985 in West Berlin, West Germany. "

Notice that Heinz is more of a straightforward composer.
This would be one that would fit well in the dusty shelf blog, perhaps it already appeared in there once?


  1. mixed shorties

  2. I am so glad you did purchase this album and of course kindly did all the hard work ripping, uploading and posting - I'm a huge fan of the music of
    Gerhard Heinz and have always been most curious to hear his first album - if people like the prog/disco/funk/experimental crossover, there is a great Gerhard Heinz compilation on the German Private Records label called Library Music (which is curious as I think this was the only actual library record he released).

    Thanks again for the lossless rip of this album, it has made my day!