Wednesday, 25 March 2015

By permission of an anonymous collector, two rarities from the library world again: Pastoral / Grand Panorama CBL 643 and Beat Drama CBW 628

We interrupt our regular programming for a day here, as these are limited time losslesses for the grab and snatching.

I know these little collector's items are very popular, so here are two more, by permission from the collector, who apparently has huge pockets, in lossless.  I am instructed to again beg if anyone has the time and patience to clean the sounds off these raw rips with eternal thanks in the event of a successful fix.

They are typical library albums, various artists are contributing.  The pastoral series (the first side, by different composers) on the second share is particularly impressive at least as soundtrack music.

You can read about the composers here for Beat Drama, and the Pastoral - Panorama, here.  Trevor Duncan as usual stands out.

Enjoy them.


  1. VA Panorama
    VA Beat Drama CBW 628 1970

  2. Thanks a bunch, anonymous and Julian!

  3. Thank you. I don't have Beat Drama & it looks fun!
    Panorama is a great one too.

  4. Very nice indeed. Thank you both!

  5. Tremendous stuff, Julian. Many thanks!

  6. Since the lossless will expire soon, here are mp3 rips:
    VA Beat Drama CBW 628 1970
    VA Panorama

    1. Hi Julian,
      Please e-mail me regarding both of these albums. I am unable to access any of the links.